MathCityMap Digital Classroom Training for Indonesian Teachers

Semarang, Indonesia (02/11). Since 2013, IDMI Goethe-Universität Frankfurt Germany has collaborated with the Department of Mathematics, Universitas Negeri Semarang Indonesia to develop a math trail program which is supported by the use of the mobile phone application through the MathCityMap-Project in Indonesia. Math trail is a planned trail where the public or students in particular can explore mathematics in groups in their environment by following a route that contains several stops to solve math problems on location. Mathematical routes and problems can be created in city parks, tourist attractions, museums and also in school environments. Students gain mathematical experience and learn mathematical literacy from real problems they encounter along the way of mathematics guided by the mobile phone application.

Geometri dan Topologi

Pada tanggal 18 Mei 2020, Center for Research in Mathematics, Technology, and Education (CeRMaTE – telah menyelenggarakan Lecture Series ke 4 dengan topik Geometri dan Topologi bersama Listiyanto dari Universität Heidelberg Jerman. Berikut ini adalah rekaman perkuliahan tersebut.