MathCityMap Digital Classroom Training for Indonesian Teachers

Semarang, Indonesia (02/11). Since 2013, IDMI Goethe-Universität Frankfurt Germany has collaborated with the Department of Mathematics, Universitas Negeri Semarang Indonesia to develop a math trail program which is supported by the use of the mobile phone application through the MathCityMap-Project in Indonesia. Math trail is a planned trail where the public or students in particular can explore mathematics in groups in their environment by following a route that contains several stops to solve math problems on location. Mathematical routes and problems can be created in city parks, tourist attractions, museums and also in school environments. Students gain mathematical experience and learn mathematical literacy from real problems they encounter along the way of mathematics guided by the mobile phone application.

By taking into account the current conditions during the pandemic, the exploration was not carried out in groups physically and did not come directly to the location. MathCtyMap is run through the MathCityMap@Home Digital Classroom where students and their groups can access online routes and problems given by their teachers. They solve these problems by exploring the virtual environment and competing with other groups. Each teacher can prepare a MathCityMap route and upload it on the MathCityMap portal once they have an account through registration for free. The route that has been created by the teacher can also be accessed free of charge by students via their smartphone by installing the MathCityMap application.

To help teachers in preparing MathCityMap tasks and routes, and uploading them on the portal, every year the Department of Mathematics FMIPA UNNES in collaboration with IDMI Goethe-Universität Frankfurt Germany organize training for teachers. During this pandemic, training was carried out online through video meetings synchronously and asynchronous assignments. The total training duration was 32 hours of training starting Wednesday, September 2, 2020. The instructors of the training were Dr rer nat Adi Nur Cahyono MPd a Lecturer of Mathematics at UNNES who has received a MathCityMap Educator certificate from Goethe-Universität Frankfurt; Miftahudin SPd MSi, headmaster of SMP N 28 Semarang and a National Outstanding Teacher with the MathCityMap as the theme in his scientific work; and Drs Bavo Manon Nugroho MSi, a Mathematics teacher at SMP N 7 Semarang who has experience in implementing MathCityMap in Semarang City.

The training in session I discussed an introduction to MathCityMap, MCM Digital Classroom, MathCityMap Community, MCM@Home (special edition during the pandemic), Design of mathematical modelling tasks for the MathCityMap program, Creating MathCityMap Route, technical use of MathCityMap Portal and App. In session II, the participants practiced developing MathCityMap Trails and Digital Classroom in their respective environments to prepare routes for their students, each guided online by instructors. In session III, a review and simulation was carried out. The activity was attended by 174 participants consisting of representatives of the Semarang City Junior High School Mathematics Association and other participants from various regions in Indonesia.

As a result of this training, a number of routes were successfully designed by teachers from various regions in Indonesia, such as Langsa Aceh, Padang, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Denpasar, to Sorong Papua. Through the MathCityMap portal, educators who have registered are also connected with other educators spread across various countries. Currently there are 5.676 users who joined the MathCityMap Community with 16.151 MathCityMap Task created. The MathCityMap portal can be accessed via and MathCityMap applications can be downloaded via Google Play and AppStore. Further information about MathCityMap Indonesia and other projects can be accessed through the Center for Research in Mathematics, Technology and Education page, namely: