Mathematical Modeling in Influenza Epidemics with Vaccination Strategies

In 2009, bird flu epidemic outbreak and it is followed by swine flu epidemic. Flu epidemic causes many mortality in human and more of human must be treated in hospital. One of the efforts to combat this plague is vaccination. Vaccination was given to susceptible human. From the fact that the disease is epidemic, it is possible to establish a mathematical model of the influenza cases. The resulting model is SIRS with constant population. In this study, it was used methods include literature reviews, analysis, and simulation. The conclusions obtained in the form of mathematical models and analysis as well as the minimum percentage of individuals who are vaccinated so that the plague has not spread.

Source: Kharis, M., Cahyono, A.N. (2016). Pemodelan Matematika Pada EpidemiInfluenza Dengan Strategi Vaksinasi. JurnalMIPA.Vol. 38, No. 2.